Getting Started – Set Up Checklist

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If you are a new User to DonorSnap, here some links to videos and todos to get you off on the right foot.

  1. Set up all your DonorSnap Users and their Rights to the database and feature menus.
    Maintenance > Site-Setup > User Setup
  2. Once logged in as Your User, customize your Dashboard Apps
    1. For the user handling Acknowledgements, add the app for Acknowledgements Pending.
    2. If you are using Responsive Forms, add the app for Responsive Forms Open Records.
    3. EDs and Administrators may want to add apps for Recent Donations/Top Donors. Build Goals related to your Appeals & Campaigns.
  3. Create your Thank You letters in Word and upload in to the program (Video)
  4. Set up your integration with Quickbooks (either QB Desktop or QB Online).
    QB Desktop Guide
    QB Online Guide
  5. Create your account with GoEMerchant  to take online donations. (Website)
  6. Edit drop-downs for BLACK DonorSnap fields (DonationType, Appeal, Accounting Code, etc.) under Maintenance > Site-Setup > DonorSnap Site Lookups 
  7. Add additional BLUE fields to the program (Attributes, Volunteer Interests, Birthdate, etc.) under Maintenance > Site-Setup > User-Defined Controls
  8. Add your Organization Contacts (where you assign an individual contact to a Board member or Key Staff member) under Community > Organization Contacts
  9. Set your System date. Go to Maintenance > Site-Setup > Additional Site-Options. At the bottom click the button for Change Options and enter your End of Year date in the field.
  10. Run a Duplicates report. Reports > Administrative Reports > Duplicates Reports to see what duplicates you may have in the system. Run a variety of the different reports, print them out, and go research.
Last Updated On August 02, 2018