Instant, One-Off Email to a Contact

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Use the Instant Email feature to send a quick email to a Contact in your database.

This email will be sent over DonorSnap servers, however you enter your From email address so any Reply will return to your email address.
These emails will also be saved as Notes upon sending.

In order to send emails, you must first activate your Grid Settings.

1. Make sure you have included the Email address on your grid (Home > User Settings) or set the default for all users under Maintenance > Site Setup > Screen Layouts > Grid Settings

2. Change your Site Setup.
Maintenance > Site Setup > Additional Site Options 
Click the Change Settings button at the bottom of the screen.
In the “Show Email Address” field, choose As link (create note) option

Once your site-settings are updated, click the Email next to a contact’s name on your Grid (Community > Contacts)

The email details page will appear.

  • Enter your FROM email address (so any “Reply” goes back to you)
  • Enter the From Name the email is coming from (Example, “John Smith”)
  • Enter a BCC (Blind contact) or numerous — separate multiple emails with a comma
  • Enter the subject line
  • Type the body of the email
  • Click Send at the bottom of the details page

Once sent, the record of this email will be saved to the Notes tab.

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Last Updated On July 30, 2018