Issue a Refund for an Online Donation

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When making changes outside of DonorSnap, keep in mind that you will also need to update your records inside of DonorSnap as well. For example, if you refund a transaction in your payment processor’s system, the donation record will still exist in DonorSnap. You will need to find the donation record and delete it to make sure that your records are accurate.

Responsive Forms using goEmerchant

Refunds and Void transactions can be taken care of using the goEmerchant portal. For more information, please refer to the goEmerchant help page found here:

Standard Forms using OpenEdge

In order to issue a refund, you’ll need to contact Accelerated Payments (also called OpenEdge). They handle all of the payment processing and will need to be contacted directly to reverse a transaction.

Last Updated On July 25, 2018