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Label Lines are a set of fields that help you generate your address block for envelopes, letters, and other types of mail merge.

  1. Use LabelLines to skip blank lines in your labels and address blocks instead of Acknowledgement, Company,  and Address lines
  2. Change your preferred LabelLines to list the Company field on the first or second line

What’s the Purpose?

A typical mailing label looks like this:

City, State Zip

However, you may have already discovered that Microsoft Word will leave a blank line when any of those fields are blank in your contact’s record. Not all of your contacts will have a Company name, Name, Address2, etc.  so you will likely end up with some strange looking labels.

The Label Line fields take care of that for you, because DonorSnap looks for blank fields and removes the extraneous spaces. Your address block will be based on what information you actually have.

Customizing Label Lines

DonorSnap has two options for generating your Label Line fields and it defaults to the first option:




You can move the acknowledgement line to be first, before the company line, by changing the setting on the additional site setup pageMaintenance > Site Setup > Additional Site Options. 

We recommend that for all your mailing labels, envelopes, letters, etc. that require an address block, that you use the Label Lines instead of manual mail merge.

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Last Updated On June 01, 2019