Memorial & Honorary Gifts

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How do you handle Memory and Honorary Gifts?

How do you handle the letters sent to the person/their respective family?

Simple Gifts 101

Simply, you need a DonationType = Memorial (already standard to DonorSnap)

Honorary is not standard. You will need to add this under Maintenance > Site Setup > Field & Screen Customization > DonorSnap Site Lookups > DonationType

Enter the Date, Amount, DonationType, Comments for the In Name of Memorial/Honorary person.

Consider a Batch Code (the type of Thank you Letter sent to the donor) that is simple for “Memorial/Honorary” that pulls in the comments (the name of the person). Remember you must build your mail-merged letters in MS WORD before uploading in to DonorSnap, and you can include any fields you need – including that “DonationComments” field. Add more fields to the Donation Tab

Some organizations need to track the Address and name of the recipient family.

DonorSnap will send a Thank You to the Donor, but maybe you need to send a letter to the family letting them know of the gift.

Easiest way is to add more fields to your DonationTab, so as you add that $50 payment, you put in the name and address of the family recipient to receive the notification (note this will be a second letter you are sending out, which will come from a DataMinerPlatinum report that you build of addressees).

Add fields under Maintenance > Site Setup > Field and Screen Customization > User Defined

Change the Table to the Donation table, add text boxes for Acknowledgement Name, Address, City, State, Zip, etc.

Or one big box for all information combined.

However you build the fields, all can be pulled in to your mail-merged MS WORD Document.

Soft Credits

Some organizations will go so far to create a new record for the family of the Memorial/Honorary person. If you have the address on file, If you want to keep that address on file for later uses for Appeals and other mailings, this could be a good route to go!

In that case you need to add a subsequent donation to that Contact’s record as a Soft Credit, which would trigger a Thank You letter sent to that family.

Memorial Donation letters to the Family

For sending letters to the family indicating receipt of a memorial donation, you have a few options, depending on your needs.

1 – Enter the Family as a Contact, enter a second donation as a “Soft Credit” in the Donation type, which will trigger a letter sent to the family. 

If you go this route, when you run financial reports, you have to remember to NOT include Soft Credits, or it will throw off your income. 

2 – Add fields to your Donation screen for the Recipient Name, Recipient Address, etc. 

You’d set up two acknowledgement letters: one to the Donor with mail merge fields for Their name and address, thanking them for the payment. 

A second for the Family, with mail merge fields based off that Recipient Name & Address fields you’d added to the screen. 

3 – If you receive a number of donations for one person and do not want to send individual letters for each donation, you can run a DonationsReceived report or something custom in DataMinerPlatinum, that would give you a LIST of all the memorial donations for that person. Then you could manually generate a letter to the family, and include this report in the mailing. 

Last Updated On June 19, 2019