Recurring Donation Forms with Open Edge

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Building Responsive Forms with Open Edge 

Video Outline:

  1. Explanation of the new features found in Recurring Donation Forms
  2. Process open contact records
  3. See current scheduled payments
  4. Get Recurring Open Payments button and how to manually check for processed payments 1-3 hours after they have been submitted
  5. Process open donation records

Note: All donations are “Scheduled” at the time of form submission. Scheduled donations are processed up to 3 hours later by Accelerated Payments. Once a payment has been processed by APT, you will be able to manually collect the open donation record by clicking the “Get Recurring Open Payments” button at the bottom of the Recurring Listing tab. Every 6 hours DonorSnap automatically checks for processed payments, but manually clicking that button will allow you to check for them sooner if desired.

NOTE: This video covers the old “standard forms” tool. For help with the Responsive Forms tool, click here.

Last Updated On July 18, 2018