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Video Outline

  1. See a listing of all Responsive Forms
  2. Grab the link to your form or html embed code to put a form on your website
  3. Build a new form using a template, copy an existing form, or start from scratch
  4. Explanation of the different form types: Contact, Donation, Pledge, Interaction, Volunteer Hours, Interaction with Payment

Note: If you don’t see the Donation or Interaction with Payment form types, you have not yet linked your DonorSnap account with goEmerchant. First you will need to sign up for a goEmerchant account. Then you will need to enter your account information under Maintenance > Site Setup > Payment Processing.

Next Steps:

  1. Forms Listing – You are here
  2. Settings
  3. Form Builder
  4. Open Records
  5. History
  6. Recurring Listing
  7. Recurring Donation
Last Updated On March 18, 2019