Standard Forms – 1 – Forms Listing

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The Forms Listing tab (Online Forms > Standard Forms > Forms Listing) allows you to Add new forms and Edit existing forms.

NOTE: This video covers the old “standard forms” tool. For help with the Responsive Forms tool, click here.

Existing Forms:

Existing forms will be listed to the Left. Click on a form, and use the tabs along the top (Settings, Header/Footer, etc. ) to EDIT the form.

To the Right of each form will list how many (if any) Open Records – a form that has been submitted – exist for that form.
Click on the desired form line, and use the Open Records & Process records tabs to Process  forms that have been submitted.

New Forms:

Click the blue Add button at the top of the listing screen to add a new form.

Pre-built templates are available, and if you have created a form in the past you can use that existing form as a template as well.

Select the Type of form (Interaction, Donation, etc.) and name your new form.

In order to create Donation forms you must have an account with Open Edge.

If you have account information, enter your information under Maintenance > Site-Setup > Payment Processing.
Once the information is verified, return to Online Forms > Standard Forms, and a Donation form will be available under the Add button.

Last Updated On July 30, 2018