Standard Forms – 4 – Fields Tab

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The Fields Tab (Online Forms > Standard Forms > Fields Tab) allows you to edit the available fields on your form, and the action of those fields.

NOTE: This video covers the old “standard forms” tool. For help with the Responsive Forms tool, click here.

Add fields to your form by Dragging from the Available fields box on the Left, to the Fields Listing box on the Right.
The Available fields will include all DonorSnap and User-Defined fields on the Contact tab, and any additional tab included in your form (for example, if you are building an Event Registration form that updates the Interaction tab, the Available fields will list all fields on the Contact and Interaction tabs of the database).

  • Required Fields: Require your contact to complete the information (such as Email Address or Donation Amount)
  • Hidden Fields: Some fields are necessary to update your database, such as the Appeal or Batch Code, for donations; however are not necessary for your contact to complete. These fields can be Hidden. When the form is submitted, the information will update DonorSnap without your contact being aware. If you hide fields, make sure to set the Default Value.
  • Read-Only Fields: Allow your contact to see – but not change – certain information on the form, such as the Campaign they are donating to, or the Amount of the Donation. If you make a field read-only, make sure to set the Default Value.
  • Re-Name fields: You can rename how your fields appear on your form. For example, “InteractionType” is a necessary field for your DonorSnap database but may not have meaning for your contact; rename to “Event Name”, for example.

For those fields with a Drop-Down:

  • Set Default Value of the drop-down; or,
  • Limit List Options by choosing which options are available in the drop-down list


Last Updated On July 30, 2018