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When you just need to create a simple letter or batch of label, this tool is the best option. It does not support images or fancy fonts, but it can be personalized with mail merge fields through a drag and drop interface without ever leaving DonorSnap.

There are 2 types of documents that can be created, either Labels or Letter (single page).  The drop down box has 4 options depending upon the type of document you wish to print and the source of information for completing the data merge.

  1. Document Name – This is a free format field where you would supply a name that is meaningful to you and other users when visiting this screen at a later time.
  2. DataMiner Batch – If the Document Type is one of the two that will be drawing information from a DataMiner query, the third box will open with a dropdown that has all DataMiner Gold and Platinum queries listed.  Select the appropriate query from the list to associate with this document.

Once you’ve made the appropriate entries, click the “check mark” to the left of the record to save this new Document listing.  Next proceed to Create/Edit Document to create the letter’s text and incorporate the merge fields as appropriate.

Create / Edit Document

This window would be similar to the working page of a Word document.  In this box, you’d type the actual text of the document that you’d like to create.  To insert fields into your document, simply drag the field from the available field list on the right and drop it in the document in the appropriate spot.  In the above example, the word “<>” is following the word “Dear” at the top of the letter.  The merge routine will insert the First Name of the person in this spot in the letter for each letter printed.  It should be noted that you must drag and drop the appropriate field into the letter.  The control characters around the field name are special characters that can’t be typed in.  These will indicate to DonorSnap that this is a merge field.

Available Merge Fields

This is a listing of fields from the DataMiner batch or from the Donation record that can be included in the document.  Certain fields are listed multiple times in the listing.  They represent the same information but have slightly different formatting to improve the readability and professionalism of your letter.  You can experiment with the various formatting versions to determine which one suits your letter best (For example, donation date can be “2/2/2008” or “February 2nd, 2008” in your document).

Margin Settings

If you are using pre-printed letterhead, you’ll want to modify the margins so that the final document aligns properly on your paper.

Today’s Date

This is a special field that will automatically be set each time the document is printed so that the user need not update the document.

Once you’ve completed the creation of your document, make sure to save your changes by clicking the “Save Document” button at the top.  If you’d like to discard all of the changes that you’ve made and start over, simply click the “Reset” button and the last saved version of the document will be loaded.

Create Labels

Labels are done identical to other documents.  The only exception is that instead of selecting margins, DonorSnap has provided 3 predefined label layouts:

  • 1″ X 2-5/8″  These come 30 labels per sheet (3 columns of 10 labels)
  • 2-1/3″ X 3-3/8″ These are formatted 8 per sheet (2 columns of 4 labels)
  • 3-1/3″ X 4″ These are formatted 6 labels per sheet (2 columns of 3 labels)

Review Data

The data grid will show all records that will be included in the merge and for Donation records, all of the available fields to use in the merge documents.

If this is a merge based upon a DataMiner query, then the fields from the Query output will be displayed.  The user can further modify the records to be included in the merge or sort the output order of the documents by working with the DonorSnap grid.  (More information on working with grids can be found at Working with Grids in DonorSnap)  Only data records that are actively selected will be included in the merge document.

Once the data filtering and sorting has been completed, the user would click on the “Generate PDF” button to create the actual documents.  A PDF file will be download to your local computer and, in most cases, the actual PDF will be opened for your review.  Additionally, when this step is chosen, DonorSnap keeps a copy of that PDF creation in its archive system for later reference.  You’ll be able to see any prior PDF creations for this Document by visiting the next tab.

Acknowledge Donations

If this Document’s data source was Donation records and you’ve successfully printed the acknowledgment documents, you’ll want to update the Acknowledgement Flag in the donation record so that those Donations are no longer selected for acknowledgment.  To update the flag simply click on the blue “Acknowledge” button to the right of the batch that was printed.  Once updated, the “Acknowledge” button will disappear.  This button will not appear for Documents that have DataMiner as a source.

Reprint Documents

If at anytime you want to reprint a specific document or see what was sent out to a contact, DonorSnap maintains an archive of all the PDF’s that have been created.  Simply click on the blue “View PDF” flag if you’d like to examine or reprint documents.  These PDF’s will be available until such time as the specific PDF is deleted (selecting the “garbage can” icon next to the version you want to delete) or the Document itself is deleted.

Last Updated On March 14, 2019